Hello Fresh

coconut & macademia-crusted tilapia with zucchini, red bell pepper, and cilantro-lime forbidden rice

A couple of weeks ago, I felt a sudden and uncharacteristic urge to clean off my desk.  I think I read an essay that said something about how all sorts of things can be distracting and lower your productivity, including having too much stuff on your desk.  Since my desk is generally a seedy morass of partially used paper towels (I do most of my eating and drinking in front of my computer), soiled Kleenex, Continue Reading →

Internal Monologue Whilst Shoveling Snow During the Blizzard of 2015

Scene: 12:45pm, Feb. 4, 2015 – driving snow; car is completely covered in snow, despite being parked in carport. Snowplow guy has already made initial run, resulting in predictable wall o’ snow between carport and rest of driveway Me: Go do 15 minutes of shoveling. Just 15 minutes. You can handle that. You can handle anything for 15 minutes I: Oh alright. Scene: outside, wearing parka, knit gloves, hair pulled back to keep driving wind Continue Reading →

Miss Jones Gives Her Diary Some Much Needed Attention

Weight – still down >10 lbs from a year ago. In fact, haven’t weighed this little since legendary two-week Answer-to-the-Ultimate-Question tour of London, spent retracing the steps of protagonist of Zero History, by foot, doubledecker and Tube, purchasing lovely Doc Marten and Banksy souvenirs, being taken out to dinner by gentlemen with charming accents, and generally having one of my more epic birthdays (oh run-on sentences… how I’ve missed you <3) Cigarettes – 1 Alcohol Continue Reading →

PorcFest XI

Just got back from PorcFest XI (tangent: around time of last Super Bowl, commented on FaceCrack about how it seems odd to me that Super Bowls are numbered with Roman numerals, since I suspect much of the ‘Merican Booboisie doesn’t know how to interpret them. Since then, have been shocked to find several intelligent friends who don’t know how to read Roman numerals. Was this something I learned in public school? Catholic school? Self-taught? I Continue Reading →

Bridget Jones Goes to the Country

Two weeks ago, a friend, (whom I shall refer to as Annie Oakley for the impressive frontierswoman skills she has developed since moving to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project) asked me if I’d be willing to farmsit for her while she and the family took a roadtrip. “You can have all the eggs you want, our undying love and quite possibly liquor”, she said. “Sure”, I idiotically replied. I’m a Master Continue Reading →

vodka martini-fueled thoughts on Bond… James Bond


I have loved James Bond movies all my life. I love a good caper flick, but 007 movies were guaranteed to have several other elements as well: great music; sexy ladies who swoon into “Oh, JAMES!”‘s arms; ridiculous puns; broad humor; exotic, glamorous locations; shameless non-PC behavior. Bond himself is an übermensch, too good to be true: he’s brilliant, and sophisticated, and multilingual, and deadly, and utterly loyal to Queen and Country (ok, I don’t Continue Reading →


Fear… it’s not just a California hardcore band. A couple of months ago, I posted about how I had this idea for a project/business/thingie. I didn’t go into much detail at the time, and haven’t said much about it since, but believe me, it has consumed a good chunk of my time and thoughts since then. The basic idea is to have a website and weekly e-newsletter focusing on New Hampshire liberty activism, featuring original Continue Reading →