Fear… it’s not just a California hardcore band. A couple of months ago, I posted about how I had this idea for a project/business/thingie. I didn’t go into much detail at the time, and haven’t said much about it since, but believe me, it has consumed a good chunk of my time and thoughts since then. The basic idea is to have a website and weekly e-newsletter focusing on New Hampshire liberty activism, featuring original Continue Reading →


Liberty lovers are a critical bunch. They can be relied on to nitpick, backseat drive, and second guess anything you do in the way of activism. And anything you don’t do. And anything you think about doing. And anything it never even occurred to you to do, but if it had, you wouldn’t have done it because you really don’t think that’s such a bright idea, all things considered. I honestly don’t know if it’s Continue Reading →

The Empire Strikes Back

Last night I watched The Empire Strikes Back for the first time in years. It holds up amazingly well in my opinion; even the special effects still seem decent. And it’s hard to remember a time before everyone knew who Yoda is, he’s such a part of our culture now. What really got me was, after spending the last several years obsessively re-watching Serenity and Firefly, the movie seemed derivative of the series. But of Continue Reading →

Legends of the Porcupine

Regular readers will note that I frequently refer to New Hampshire liberty activists as “Porcupines”. This term comes from the fact that the mascot of the Free State Project is a porcupine.  This mascot dates back to the earliest days of the FSP, in August 2001, before the FSP’s options had even been narrowed down to a U.S. state, let alone which one. Interestingly, the majority opinion at the time was to use some variation Continue Reading →

Sugar Shack

When I was a kid, Saturday morning was the highlight of my week. I would watch cartoons all morning long and get a sugar rush off the Danish pastries my mother would buy for the occasion.  Last Saturday morning, I had a nostalgic pang of the ol’ OH MY GOSH IT’S SATURDAY MORNING!!1!11 excitement because one of the maple sugar houses in my town was having its annual open house at 10:00AM. Just in case Continue Reading →

Biltong part 2

UPDATE 4/20/2014: I was referring back to this post to make another batch of tasty, tasty MEAT and realized I skipped writing down a step between Part 1 and Part 2.  Sorry about that!  Here is the missing info: After your strips of vinegary, salted, optionally spiced meat have sat in the fridge for 24 hours, give-or-take, it’s time to hang them to dry.  Select a place where insects and critters can’t get at them Continue Reading →

calendars still available

I’m still a bit fuzzy on the details of last night’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration. I recall large quantities of green beer, Irish reels, and rather a lot of spinning. When I woke up on the floor, assorted piles of stuff had been somewhat rearranged. Imagine my surprise to discover that one of the piles contained…. a few remaining New Hampshire Ladies of Liberty wall calendars!! There are seriously only two dozen left, though, so Continue Reading →