Bill of Rights Day

Things that bug me about Bill of Rights Day:

  1. The fact that, according to polls, a pathetic number of Americans don’t even know what the Bill of Rights IS: “A 1991 poll commissioned by the American Bar Association found that only 33% of Americans even knew what the Bill of Rights was. In one Gallup poll 70% did not know what the First Amendment was or what it dealt with.”
  2. Liberty/freedom groups who praise the BoR around the 15th of December each year, but seem to miss the point. No part of the Constitution gave/gives rights to anyone. Also, the rights it lists aren’t restricted to people who happen to have been born on this piece of ground, as opposed to that piece of ground. The rights were there all along, and still are! The only purpose of the BoR was to remind everyone, but especially the government, of this fundamental truth.

That said, I don’t actually have all ten items in the BoR memorized. :-p  Here’s a handy cheatsheet that was sent out by the Advocates for Self Government, put together by students at Liberty Middle School in Ashley, VA:

1. Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, right to assemble peaceably, right to petition the government about grievances.
2. Right to keep and bear arms.
3. Citizens do not have to quarter soldiers during peacetime.
4. No unreasonable searches and seizures.
5. Rights of the accused.
6. Right to a fair trial.
7. Right to a trial by jury in civil cases also.
8. No cruel and unusual punishments.
9. Unenumerated rights go to the people.
10. Reserves all powers not given to the national government to the states or the people.

Rather than wishing you a Happy Bill of Rights Day, I wish you a Happy These Are Just a Sampling of Everyone’s Rights, All the Time, Day.

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