The Tree of Wrongness

I’ve developed an irrational hatred for a tree.  I can see it through my kitchen window, and there’s just something… wrong… about it.  It’s also got tall enough that it could take out my power lines, and possibly my kitchen, if it gets knocked down in a storm. Something must be done. This morning, I was overcome by a desire to destroy it so powerful, I didn’t even make coffee first. I put on my Continue Reading →

Internal Monologue Whilst Shoveling Snow During the Blizzard of 2015

Scene: 12:45pm, Feb. 4, 2015 – driving snow; car is completely covered in snow, despite being parked in carport. Snowplow guy has already made initial run, resulting in predictable wall o’ snow between carport and rest of driveway Me: Go do 15 minutes of shoveling. Just 15 minutes. You can handle that. You can handle anything for 15 minutes I: Oh alright. Scene: outside, wearing parka, knit gloves, hair pulled back to keep driving wind Continue Reading →


Liberty lovers are a critical bunch. They can be relied on to nitpick, backseat drive, and second guess anything you do in the way of activism. And anything you don’t do. And anything you think about doing. And anything it never even occurred to you to do, but if it had, you wouldn’t have done it because you really don’t think that’s such a bright idea, all things considered. I honestly don’t know if it’s Continue Reading →

The Empire Strikes Back

Last night I watched The Empire Strikes Back for the first time in years. It holds up amazingly well in my opinion; even the special effects still seem decent. And it’s hard to remember a time before everyone knew who Yoda is, he’s such a part of our culture now. What really got me was, after spending the last several years obsessively re-watching Serenity and Firefly, the movie seemed derivative of the series. But of Continue Reading →

evolution of skipping

As I and my laptop attempt to recover from the unspeakable horror of the last several minutes, I’m inspired to take a brief nostalgic trip down memory lane to review the evolution of skipping in recorded musical media. vinyl – A barely visible scratch, or a speck of dust, could cause a vinyl record to start skipping. But a Fonzi-like bang on the wall or stomp on the floor was often enough to bump it Continue Reading →

2014 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded

Reuters, 9 minutes ago Manchester, NH: Next year’s Nobel Prize for Medicine has been awarded to a team of New Hampshire researchers for their discovery of causal linkage between the domestic housecat (Felis catus) and scoliosis. The team performed painstaking research over a number of years to document its findings. “While we have long suspected the link was there, we knew the scientific community would never accept our thesis without thorough documentation of our research Continue Reading →