Hello world!

I had a whole list of things I was going to do yesterday, and I completed very few of them. Partially inspired by a dream the night before (true story), I felt moved to proceed with the oft-threatened but never-actually-materializing blog thing. I’m a firm believer in going with it when a muse takes you by the hand and, uhhhh, amuses you.  So anyway, domain acquired. Matching Twitter account acquired. (I barely know how Twitter works, but maybe I’ll get motivated to figure it out or something.) Not sure what all I’ll blog about yet. Probably whatever the hell I want, putting in occasional positive mentions of the Free State Project and the New Hampshire liberty movement. There will undoubtedly be frequent mentions of my cat Ezme. And cafe mochas. And the obligatory humorous mishaps for which I appear to have been placed upon this planet. In other words, exactly what I’ve been posting on Facecrack the last few years, only now Zuckerberg can’t take it away at will, and it can be searchable and Googlable and stuff. Not sure if I want this blog (which is open to the world, obviously) linked to my primary Facebook account; I’ll probably link it to a new account where all the posts are public. This is, of course, assuming a) I come up with content and b) anyone cares to read it. Geez, I feel so bashful and cheesy. Derp.  Anyway, without further ado (I’m making myself publish this before I chicken out (by the way, I checked to confirm that Banksy is cool with uncompensated use of his art (which he is, as long as you’re not selling something))) (did I get all the parenthetical clauses paired up? Yes, LIKE A BOSS!), here’s my new blog.

4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Cause, what the world needs now
    Is a new kind of tension
    ‘Cause the old one just bores me to death
    ‘Cause, what the world needs now
    Is another blogger
    Like I need a hole in my head

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