Liberty Activist Journal

Liberty Activist Journal, day 1,327,649 – fifth consecutive night of poor sleep. Am stressed about looming deadline on writing project for Queen Quill and Jeffrey Tucker.  Am stressed about lack of income. Am stressed about state of the world. Am stressed about ungodly pile of dirty dishes from holiday cooking frenzy, (still) waiting for me in kitchen.  Am hungry, but am now out of clean plates. Eating requires doing at least some dishes first.  Hate doing dishes.  That stresses me.

Brainstorm: have container of Legal Seafood Lobster Bisque in fridge, and at least one clean spoon. Can feed without doing any dishes yet!  Huzzah!!

Procrastinated on starting guide to Free State Project for Liberty.Me.  Just started yesterday, yet am already grossly overlong.  Have determined am one verbose motherfucker.  Serious editing will be needed, but for now, just doing a brain dump into Word while attempting to simultaneously channel the spirits of Jefferson, Adams et al in an inspirational, revolutionary, lives-and-sacred-honor sort of way. You will join me in New Hampshire. Yes, you! You over there!  Don’t avoid eye contact with me, you KNOW I’m looking at you!  Resistance is futile! JOOOOIIIIIINNNN MMMMMMEEEEEEEEE!

Am going to gay club for drag queen floorshow in ManchVegas this evening.  Yes, New Hampshire has gay clubs.  And drag queens. Enough to make a whole calendar of them, in fact!  I got a copy, as well as an autographed glossy of Miss March, who is prettier than me.  What’s more depressing than that?

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