Miss Jones Gives Her Diary Some Much Needed Attention

Weight – still down >10 lbs from a year ago. In fact, haven’t weighed this little since legendary two-week Answer-to-the-Ultimate-Question tour of London, spent retracing the steps of protagonist of Zero History, by foot, doubledecker and Tube, purchasing lovely Doc Marten and Banksy souvenirs, being taken out to dinner by gentlemen with charming accents, and generally having one of my more epic birthdays (oh run-on sentences… how I’ve missed you <3)
Cigarettes – 1
Alcohol Units – none (maybe? overindulged last night and may I just say that 6:00Am this morning was NOT. PRETTY. To be honest, a good bit of the time between 6:00AM and 2:00PM was… suboptimal.  Must get back in the swing of the needing-to-get-up-for-work thing. But there is that lovely bottle of frosted cake-flavored vodka in the fridge.  Oh bother.)
Calories – very few; fortunate side effect of last night’s alcohol units

Dear Diary,

It’s been a cruel (cruel) summer.  Have been dealing with some Major Life Poop (MLP). Quite surprisingly, have kept it entirely off my Facebook wall. Am impressed by own maturity and self-restraint. Am eternally grateful to handful of incredibly sweet friends who have been there for me. Certain I don’t deserve them, yet there they are, not only willing to listen to tales of MLP but actually seeming to sincerely wish good things for me.  Will ceremonially make a pasta offering to the FSM in humble gratitude.

New job in Taxachusetts is going well, all things considered.  Of course, all things considered covers a lot of ground. :-\

  • spent over 3 hours commuting today
  • have become total road-ragey asshole. Have never sped so much before. But life is SHORT, damnit; I don’t want to waste a minute of it stuck behind some jackass doing below the speed limit.  Best case scenario: will get speeding ticket soon. That will be interesting new life experience. Worst case scenario: will be involved in ugly multi-car pileup, will be maimed, disfigured, and forced to live off Social Security until it collapses in a year or two.  (But on the bright side, won’t have to commute anymore.)
  • Only Day 3 of new project and it has already jumped the shark, marching smartly past scope “creep”, skipping all the intermediate steps into full-on scope “sprinting towards disaster”.  Fortunately, haven’t been there long enough to be emotionally invested or feel responsible. It just seems kind of amusing, in a demented sort of way.
  • Haven’t got a straight answer yet but am getting the impression will not be allowed to work remotely on Friday, meaning will miss Sailor Jerry documentary at Freecoast Festival, won’t get to experience “rum-soaked donuts” (!?!), and will be most overdressed person at pub crawl.
  • Have no idea how I’m supposed to keep this up, and keep up with NHLA Membership Director duties, and Editor-in-Chief of Shire Liberty News, and exercise, and maintain and develop relationships with friends, family and, as started off original diary on that fateful New Year’s Eve:

“…develop inner poise and authority and sense of self as woman of substance, complete *without* boyfriend, as best way to obtain boyfriend”

while simultaneously NOT falling

“for any of the following: alcoholics, workaholics, commitment phobics, people with girlfriends or wives, misogynists, megalomaniacs, chauvinists, emotional fuckwits or freeloaders, perverts.”

But on the bright side:

  • 3+ hour commute means I get to listen to SO MANY TUNES! <3 Old tunes, new tunes, sad tunes, raunchy tunes. I hadn’t realized I was musically starved. Must spend less time reading and writing, more time listening to music. It soothes my soul. This song alone, which I heard on the way home this evening, holds the key to inner peace, I’ve long suspected. Also, wonder if any of my friends is familiar with the Stereophonics? Heard them yesterday, most unexpectedly. Stocked up on their CDs during the aforementioned London tour.
  • It’s good to have cargo. Shiny, shiny cargo. 🙂
  • Quite looking forward to this weekend’s Freecoast Festival, even if I do miss the very beginning. Perhaps someone would be so kind as to save me a rum-soaked doughnut? And perhaps I’ll look fetching in smart, professional-but-not-afraid-to-express-my-femininity software consultant outfit? (Most likely, everyone will be too drunk to notice what I’m wearing.)
  • In a week, I will get to see my beautiful City by the Bay (do hope Boss doesn’t forget to tell client about that… she seems to forget a lot of things). Will eat a REAL BURRITO. And a FELAFEL. And maybe a SCHWARMA. And some THAI FOOD. And SUSHI. Crikey, I’m going to need to eat some of these things for breakfast in order to fit them all in.
  • Getting out of the house and my own head seems to have reawakened by desire to write, as evidenced by my first diary entry in ever so long! Feel renewed sense of self-confidence and optimism. Am ready to face the next day, and the world, with proper spunky heroine demeanor.

Now have 1.5 hours left before bedtime. Somehow need to 1) finish breakfast (which is sitting beside laptop 13 hours later looking rather the worse for wear) 2) cook dinner 3) eat dinner 4) finish up tomorrow’s issue of Shire Liberty News 5) cuddle cat 6) respond to assorted emails and IMs from family and friends 7) do dishes 8) make a decision about that cake-flavored vodka. Oh BOTHER.

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