Liberty Activist Journal

Liberty Activist Journal, day 1,327,649 – fifth consecutive night of poor sleep. Am stressed about looming deadline on writing project for Queen Quill and Jeffrey Tucker.  Am stressed about lack of income. Am stressed about state of the world. Am stressed about ungodly pile of dirty dishes from holiday cooking frenzy, (still) waiting for me in kitchen.  Am hungry, but am now out of clean plates. Eating requires doing at least some dishes first.  Hate Continue Reading →

friday jones’ diary

(originally posted on Sept. 4, 2006) sat 8/26: help J&B move into cute new home on 5 wooded acres; despite supposedly being on diet, consume non-diet soda, two pizza slices and a cookie. Feel guilty. sun 8/27: spend entire day, from 7:00AM to early evening, performing inglorious mundane tasks for Free State Project, in between periodic bouts of dribbling saliva into test tubes for adrenal function lab test.  Read oh-so-serious discussion on FSP mailing list Continue Reading →

Artsy Fartsy

I’ve spent quite a bit of time at Area 23 lately. Last Sunday I attended a free women’s self-defense course, led by a Free State Project early mover who also happens to be a black belt and tae kwon do instructor. He brought along two coworkers and a lot of protective gear, and let all the students have at it with hands, feet and knees.  Fun! Immediately afterwards, the Manchester Community Grange held its bi-weekly Continue Reading →


I have many, many things for which I am grateful.  Despite my frequent whining, I am very aware of how fortunate I am. Here’s just a small sampling: I’m grateful for not only surviving the Planet Hellston project [editor’s note to newcomers: this is a reference to my last job, where I worked on a software project for a Fortune 100 oil and natural gas company for 1.5 years in Houston], but for successfully making Continue Reading →

Informal U

Many liberty lovers dislike the public (i.e. government run) school system, for a gazillion reasons. It’s coercively funded, takes a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching, attendance is compulsory, specific subjects are compulsory… I could go on, but I think you get my point (also, the onslaught of unpleasant “c” words in this paragraph is bumming me out). So, what would a free market approach to a school be like? Well, pretty much the opposite of a Continue Reading →


I’ve had a busy week of celebrating Halloween (one of my favorite days of the year) and my birthday (also one of my favorite days of the year), replete with friends, candy, crazy costumes and liver damage. Here’s Some Old Bullshit to tide you over until I think of something meaningful to say: it’s something I wrote after the last time I moved, when I bought my (first!) house, originally posted 7/19/2009. tribe – noun Continue Reading →

New Horizons

A common criticism of libertarianism is that it’s uncompassionate, because it would leave people who utilize social services like food stamps high and dry.  This drives me crazy. There seems to be this false idea that, without government programs such as food stamps, domestically abused women, children and your grandma would drop dead in the streets of starvation.  Nevermind the fact that food stamps were only *invented* in 1961, and somehow Americans weren’t dropping like Continue Reading →


Doug Stanhope is a standup comedian whom I first heard about from a fellow Porcupine several years ago. Not only is he really funny (in an outrageously vulgar, dark, ohnoheDIDN’Tjustsaythat kinda way), he’s a self-described anarchist!  In fact, he set up an exploratory committee to run for President of the U.S. as a big-L Libertarian back in 2007.  He’s publicly endorsed Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, and the Free State Project.  So when, a few months Continue Reading →