Miss Jones Gives Her Diary Some Much Needed Attention

Weight – still down >10 lbs from a year ago. In fact, haven’t weighed this little since legendary two-week Answer-to-the-Ultimate-Question tour of London, spent retracing the steps of protagonist of Zero History, by foot, doubledecker and Tube, purchasing lovely Doc Marten and Banksy souvenirs, being taken out to dinner by gentlemen with charming accents, and generally having one of my more epic birthdays (oh run-on sentences… how I’ve missed you <3) Cigarettes – 1 Alcohol Continue Reading →

evolution of skipping

As I and my laptop attempt to recover from the unspeakable horror of the last several minutes, I’m inspired to take a brief nostalgic trip down memory lane to review the evolution of skipping in recorded musical media. vinyl – A barely visible scratch, or a speck of dust, could cause a vinyl record to start skipping. But a Fonzi-like bang on the wall or stomp on the floor was often enough to bump it Continue Reading →