The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes BackLast night I watched The Empire Strikes Back for the first time in years. It holds up amazingly well in my opinion; even the special effects still seem decent. And it’s hard to remember a time before everyone knew who Yoda is, he’s such a part of our culture now.

What really got me was, after spending the last several years obsessively re-watching Serenity and Firefly, the movie seemed derivative of the series. But of course that’s not the case, as the movie came first. I wonder how much Joss Whedon and Tim Minear consciously drew upon it when writing Firefly? It amused me to draw comparisons between the two; here’s what I came up with:

Han Solo = Mal (duh). But he’s got some Jayne in him, too
Princess Leia = Inara (again, duh)
C-3PO and R2-D2 = Simon and River Tam
Lando Calrissian = Monty
Chewbacca = Kaylee and Zoë put together
the Empire = the Alliance
Millennium Falcon = Serenity
Darth Vader = the Operative
Obi-Wan Kenobi = Shepherd Book

This leaves Luke, Yoda and Wash unaccounted for. Luke = Wash? Luke is too whiny and neurotic, and not nearly funny enough. I guess you could pair Wash with JarJar Binks… but then I’d have to cut you. Grrrrrrrrr…. arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh MutantEnemy

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