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coconut & macademia-crusted tilapia with zucchini, red bell pepper, and cilantro-lime forbidden rice

A couple of weeks ago, I felt a sudden and uncharacteristic urge to clean off my desk.  I think I read an essay that said something about how all sorts of things can be distracting and lower your productivity, including having too much stuff on your desk.  Since my desk is generally a seedy morass of partially used paper towels (I do most of my eating and drinking in front of my computer), soiled Kleenex, Continue Reading →

Biltong part 2

UPDATE 4/20/2014: I was referring back to this post to make another batch of tasty, tasty MEAT and realized I skipped writing down a step between Part 1 and Part 2.  Sorry about that!  Here is the missing info: After your strips of vinegary, salted, optionally spiced meat have sat in the fridge for 24 hours, give-or-take, it’s time to hang them to dry.  Select a place where insects and critters can’t get at them Continue Reading →

Biltong part 1

For today’s episode of Sandy-in-the-Kitchen, we’re going to attempt… BILTONG. Will this result in a skillful demonstration of our Zombie Apocalypse survival skills? Or a zany up-close-and-personal interview with e-Coli? Let’s find out! (Hey, it’s raw meat… what could possibly go wrong?) Biltong, in case you don’t know, is “strips of lean meat dried in the open air”, and is commonly believed to have originated in South Africa. I took a class on how to Continue Reading →

laissez les bon temps roulez

It’s time for another thrilling edition of Sandy in the Kitchen! This week’s project is Paleo Crockpot Jambalaya Soup. Laissez les bon temps roulez!! First, I chop a rainbow of peppers and onions: green, orange, red, yellow and purple. Tres jolie! Then I grab the chicken breasts that I purchased specifically for this project. Only, I procrastinated a bit, so the mass-produced decidedly unorganic chicken is now two weeks past its use-by date. Take a Continue Reading →

Paleo Crockpot Almond Butter Chicken

In today’s episode of ‘Sandy in the Kitchen’, we attempt… Paleo Crockpot Almond Butter Chicken. Mmmmm! First thing we have to do is double the recipe, cuz the ancient package of mass production frozen chicken parts we took out of the freezer last night weighs more than twice what the recipe calls for. Also, still mostly frozen. No problemo! We let it sit on the kitchen counter for 30 minutes (protip: salmonella adds seasoning) until Continue Reading →